In the midst of chaos, misinformation & partisan noise amplified by the GOP & media, one truth remains steadfast: President Biden stands as a beacon of progress & hope. Despite facing unprecedented challenges & relentless obstruction, Biden has delivered tangible results, defying cynics & proving his mettle as the best president in recent memory.

#BetterWithBiden cuts through the cacophony of falsehoods, offering a sanctuary of truth & resilience. With every step forward, Biden reaffirms his commitment to the American people, embodying the essence of leadership & empathy. The overwhelming support of 81 million voters in 2020 speaks volumes, underscoring the undeniable mandate for change & progress.

Our movement is more than a hashtag; it's a rallying cry for truth, justice & progress. #BetterWithBiden provides a platform for supporters to amplify positive narratives, celebrate Democratic victories & mobilize for a brighter future. Together, we harness the power of social media to inspire action, empower voices & shape the narrative of our nation.

Join us in championing a future where progress triumphs over division, where truth prevails over falsehoods & where hope conquers despair. 

Together, we are #BetterWithBiden.

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Amid all the noise & confusion from politicians & the news, there's one thing that's clear: President Biden is making things better for us. Even with tough challenges & people trying to stop him, Biden keeps moving forward & doing good things.

#BetterWithBiden is about cutting through the confusion & sharing what's really happening. Lots of people, 81 million, actually, voted for Biden because they believe in him & want positive change.

Our movement is about sharing good news, celebrating when Democrats win & getting people excited about making things better together. We use social media to spread the word & make a difference.

Come join us in making a future where things get better, where the truth matters & where we can all have hope. Together, we're #BetterWithBiden.

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We're Progressives. We don't agonize, we #Oregonize!

We seek to protect & promote civil rights. We do so through our activism advocating for legislation & reforms to uphold our progressive values.

In election years we focus on amplifying the social media voices of diverse candidates for office up & down the ballot so that they can advocate for those shared values from inside the building.

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